Buenos Aires in the Vales Tango Festival is a unique tango festival staged in McLaren Vale & Willunga, where romantic tango music, expert dance tuition and great social events, combine with the delights of stunning scenery, great wines, fine regional foods, a Mediterranean climate and the vintage season.

2013 Buenos Aires in the Vales Tango Festival PROGRAM (Bookings are now closed)

Below are some beautiful images from the 2013 Festival. (Go to PHOTOS to see the full 2013 Festival Album).


Demian Garcia, Adrienne Gill, Andrew Gill, Fatima Vitale

Festival Workshop Participants & Teaching Faculty 




During the festival


About the Workshops

Argentine Tango dance workshops are themed around the development of technical skill, style & new repertoire, plus conceptual topics to inspire new approaches for creativity & evolution of your dancing. Each workshop will utilise Safe Dance Practice principles to keep us dancing tango effectively & safely, with respect to body & mind.

2013 Workshop Program themes:

Discovering Tango; Elegant Tango Basics; Smooth Vals; Tango Salon traditional movements & essence of the dance; Improvised moves & ornaments for performance; Milonga – funny moves & traspie; Technique for Couples, leading & following focusing on connection; Beautiful Ochos; Vals - cadence, fluidity & rebounds; Changes of Direction; Physical Tango; Favourites moves from Demian & Fatima; Milonga Lisa & Traspie…wow!

Safe Dance Practice: Festival teachers will employ in their workshop design a rigorous approach to warm up, cool down, stretching, awareness of repetition/loading, body alignment & anatomy as relevant for tango dancing, common tango injury prevention & the management of the mental health of participating students. Festival venues will be maintained as safe environments for tango dancing.

Injuries: Prior to participation, please notify your teacher if you are injured or unsure about the level of physical activity required for the workshop.

Clothing & Shoes: We recommend you wear comfortable clothing (that doesn’t present a tripping hazard) & specialty Argentine Tango shoes, leather soled shoes, or appropriate dance sneakers when participating in festival workshops.

Stay Hydrated: Dancing tango is thirsty work – Make sure you drink water regularly to stay hydrated. We recommend that you bring your own personal water bottle with you to workshops. There are water & cups also available in each dance studio.

Swapping Partners: Your teachers may ask you to occasionally swap partners during workshops for beneficial learning purposes & inclusion of all participants. This is also a great way to get to know your fellow festival participants, many of whom will be visitors from elsewhere.

Workshop Levels:

A weekend program of graded tango dance workshops is offered at introductory, beginner, open, intermediate, intermediate/advanced and advanced levels. Here is a general guideline about the levels of experience recommended for streamed workshops. If you are unsure about your level of experience, please discuss with your regular tango teacher for a recommendation prior to registering for the festival.

Open Level Warm Up Workshops are designed to keep your body & mind in shape, & prepare you to dance at your best during the weekend.

Introductory: You may have never danced tango before, or have very little experience, but are ready to start your tango journey!

Beginner: Less than 1 year of experience - you are relatively early in your tango journey. You know some basics but need to consolidate your technique. You are open to learning new skills & building your repertoire.

Open: At least 18 months experience - You have a range of skills & experience, but wish to learn a new concept or refine a particular technique that can be applied to your dancing at whatever level of experience you may be.

Intermediate: 2-3 years experience - you have good technique, a solid foundation for basic moves, have basic musicality awareness, social dancing navigation skills, & are ready to expand your tango repertoire.

Intermediate / Advanced: 3 + years experience – you have strong foundation technique, good musicality, a large repertoire, & have good navigation skills for social dancing.

Advanced: 3-4 years (or more) experience - you have strong foundation technique, have a large repertoire, feel confident in your dancing, have strong musicality & awareness of regular & irregular rhythms, can negotiate a crowded dance floor without impacting on other dancers, & are ready to tackle complex tango figures & concepts.